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Instagram filters recreated using CSS3 filter effects

Ever wanted to recreate Instagram filters on the fly using CSS3 (without needing to open a graphics program)? Now you can!

More Instagram-style Filters as Photoshop Actions

Here are some more filters in the style of Instagram (or Hipstamatic, etc.) as Photoshop Actions. If you missed the first round, be sure to check them out. Even if you’re new to Photoshop, you should be

Split Instagram photos: Multiple pictures in one Instagram photo

Have you ever wondered how to get multiple photos into the same Instagram image? Fortunately, it’s as easy as downloading an app and choosing the photos and effects you want. There are a range of apps that

10 Instagram-style filters for Photoshop

It’s easy to recreate Instagram-style filters in Photoshop with these Photoshop Actions. The majority of these filters can be used in Photoshop CS2 and up. How to use these filters Download and unzip the filter. Open the