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Creating jagged zig zag and wavy lines in Illustrator

It’s easy to create a jagged zig-zag line or a curvy wave using Adobe Illustrator’s built-in vector modifying tools. Maybe if the Fresh Prince spent more time brushing up on his Illustrator skills instead of getting in trouble

More Instagram-style Filters as Photoshop Actions

Here are some more filters in the style of Instagram (or Hipstamatic, etc.) as Photoshop Actions. If you missed the first round, be sure to check them out. Even if you’re new to Photoshop, you should be

How to make bumpy circles, flowers, splats and rounded stars in Illustrator

Here are a few quick tips about how to create some easy circle shapes in Illustrator. Plain circles can be boring, so these embellishments can help to make things more exciting if needed.