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8-bit design resources to achieve an 8-bit look and feel

Create wonderful 8-bit art using these graphic design resources. There’s everything from retro game sprites to bitmap fonts. 8-bit fonts 8-bit fonts, more correctly known as bitmap fonts, are prevalent in retro video games. There are many

Emoji link shortener turns your URLs into emoji

Turn your links into emoji with this crazy emoji link shortener. Linkmoji is a URL shortener with a twist: instead of making your links shorter using characters, it uses emoji. You’ll surely get an increase in click-throughs

A social network for your design and development projects

Progress is a social network for your projects. It allows you to share what you’re working on right now with a community of like-minded people. Unlike other sites such as Dribbble, the Progress community doesn’t expect pixel-perfect work straight

How to design a website when you don’t have images

In 2015, many of the most beautiful websites feature gorgeous, full-screen images. Naturally, it can be frustrating as a web designer to have no images to work with. It might not be feasible for you to hire a photographer,

Fonts with lines inside (inline fonts)

Looking for fonts with lines in the centre of them? They’re called inline fonts. A common element in hipster graphic design; inline fonts are often members of a larger font family that contain an alternative, non-inline version. We’ve

Hand-drawn look and feel

It’s easy to create a hand-drawn look and feel in your designs using free resources from around the web. Graphic designers use a few common elements to achieve this effect. Here is a look at the most common

Hipster chalkboard look and feel

Let’s explore what goes into a chalkboard look and feel. There are a few simple elements that appear in nearly every chalkboard design. We’ve collected them here as a handy reference.

Free placeholder and dummy images for designs

Have you ever needed placeholder images for a design and found yourself wasting time searching for images that won’t even be used? Good news — there are websites that allow you to create placeholder images on the fly.

7 Great Resources for iOS UI Design Inspiration

Designing a new iPhone app can be a daunting task. So we have gathered together a collection of seven of the best iOS UI design blogs out there. Most of them break down apps into different UI

5 JavaScript/jQuery plugins for better typography

Beautiful typography doesn’t have to be reserved for print design.