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Search Boxes – What makes a search, a search?

Hey troops, ever wondered what goes in to designing a search? And I don’t mean the UI of search, I mean how the search should function. Chances are when you’re making an app or website, there is

7 Great Resources for iOS UI Design Inspiration

Designing a new iPhone app can be a daunting task. So we have gathered together a collection of seven of the best iOS UI design blogs out there. Most of them break down apps into different UI

Influential Designs: Path’s Reveal Sidebar Menu

Path 2 had one of the most inventive iPhone UIs (or even Mobile UIs) when it was released in November 2011. Now that a few years have past, we can look back at how this UI influenced

Bounce rate too high? How to decrease bounce rate?

Does your website have a high bounce rate? Here are some possible problems with your website that might be costing you valuable customers.