Monthly Archive:: March 2013

Extra Instagram filters: how to get more Instagram filters

If the 15 filters that Instagram offers isn’t quite enough for you, then you’re in luck. There are many options to satisfy your filter addiction.

Search Boxes – What makes a search, a search?

Hey troops, ever wondered what goes in to designing a search? And I don’t mean the UI of search, I mean how the search should function. Chances are when you’re making an app or website, there is

Split Instagram photos: Multiple pictures in one Instagram photo

Have you ever wondered how to get multiple photos into the same Instagram image? Fortunately, it’s as easy as downloading an app and choosing the photos and effects you want. There are a range of apps that

Front End Web Developer Glossary (2013)

  Hey troops, just starting out as a web designer / developer? Have we got the thing for you! What is it you may ask? Well, we here at Design Pieces decided to scour the 2013 interwebs,

5 Great Design Process Case Studies

Developing your own ‘design process’ is one of the key steps of becoming a master designer. Below are five great examples of design case studies that illustrate other designers’ design processes, and offer key insight into the

7 Great Resources for iOS UI Design Inspiration

Designing a new iPhone app can be a daunting task. So we have gathered together a collection of seven of the best iOS UI design blogs out there. Most of them break down apps into different UI