In order to update your WordPress website from your mobile phone or another remote location, you need to enable XML-RPC  (XML Remote Procedure Call). This was disabled by default in WordPress versions 2.6 to 3.4 for security reasons. These security issues have been resolved in WordPress 3.5 and XML-RPC is enabled by default.

Enabling XML-RPC in WordPress 3.4 and below

Due to security issues in WordPress versions 3.4 and below, XML-RPC has been disabled by default.

To enable XML–RPC:

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin
  2. On the sidebar, select Settings and then Writing
  3. Check the box next to XML-RPC
  4. Save your settings

Alternatively, you could update to the latest version of WordPress, as XML-RPC is enabled by default.

Enabling XML-RPC in WordPress 3.5

WordPress has resolved the security issues related to XML – RPC and it is enabled by default. You do not need to do anything to publish to your WordPress blog remotely.

Disabling XML-RPC in WordPress 3.5

If you wish to disable XML-RPC, you can do this through the use of a Disable XML-RPC WordPress plugin.

So now you should be able to remotely update your WordPress website without any issues. Happy WordPressing!

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12 thoughts on “How to enable remote publishing in WordPress (XML-RPC)”

  1. I run 3.5.1 and the droid AP tells me: ” Could not connect. Please enter the full path to xmlrpc.php on your site and try again”.
    Seems to be broken, does it 🙂

  2. Same problem here, unable to remote publish via xml-rpc with WordPress 3.5.1 works fine in my older installations but not in the new WP…

  3. Hi, every article on the Internet that I read about this says “go to Settings – Writing” and check “XML-RPC” or “remote publishing”. The problem is, MY WORDPRESS DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF THESE OPTIONS IN SETTINGS – WRITING. So, what do I do to enable this?

    PS – I’m not using the wordpress service, I’m running wordpress on my own server.

  4. I’m running a free WordPress blog, and, like Jim Ryan, it also doesn’t have the “remote publishing” button under “Settings”->”Writing”. Does anyone know how to I can enable XML-RPC?

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