Social Media Colours – Hex and RGB Colours of the Web

These are the colours that define the social web in 2012 and 2013. To see more colours from the same website, click “more (name) colours”. If we have missed any social media colours, please let us know in the comments.

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Facebook Blue Facebook Blue
Hex: #3b5998
RGB: 59, 89, 152
More Facebook colours
182-twitter-blue Twitter Blue
Hex: #00aced
RGB: 0, 172, 237
More Twitter colours
182-googleplus-red Google+ Red
Hex: #dd4b39
RGB: 221, 75, 57
182-youtube-red YouTube Red
Hex: #bb0000
RGB: 187, 0, 0
182-linkedin-blue Linkedin Blue
Hex: #007bb6
RGB: 0, 123, 182
182-instagram-blue Instagram Blue
Hex: #517fa4
RGB: 81, 127, 164
182-pinterest-red Pinterest Red
Hex: #cb2027
RGB: 203, 32, 39
Quora Burgundy Quora Burgundy
Hex: #a82400
RGB: 168, 36, 0
182-flickr-pink Flickr Pink
Hex: #ff0084
RGB: 255, 0, 132
182-tumblr-dark-turquoise Tumblr Dark Turquoise
Hex: #32506d
RGB: 50, 80, 109
182-vk-blue VK Blue
Hex: #45668e
RGB: 69, 102, 142
319-vimeo-green Vimeo Green
Hex: #aad450
RGB: 170, 212, 80
More Vimeo colours
182-foursquare-logo-blue Foursquare Logo Blue
Hex: #0072b1
RGB: 0, 114, 177

Have we missed a website you want included? Please let us know in the comments below!


17 January, 2013

Added colour for Quora Burgundy.

29 December, 2012

Fixed the colours for Twitter Blue, Google+ Red, Vimeo Green, Linkedin Blue, Instagram Blue, Flickr Pink, Tumblr and Foursquare. Sources were cited for Facebook Blue, Twitter Blue, Google+ Red, YouTube Red, Vimeo Green, Linkedin Blue, Instagram Blue, Pinterest Red, Flickr Pink, Tumblr Dark Turquoise and Foursquare Logo Blue.


  • Forrest

    Not sure how you came up with these values, but a couple I checked are not correct.

    Sample the LinkedIn logo here: It’s not #4875b4

    Also try – it’s not #00acf1 as you state.

    • Nick Georgiou

      Aww, man! I will have to go through and verify them all and add my sources. Thanks so much for checking up on those. I have updated the errors and will let you know once I’ve checked up on the rest.

  • Shannon Young

    You should add Quora Burgundy – a82400 (Source: Eyedropper on Logo)

    • Nick Georgiou

      Great! Thanks, Shannon! I’ll get onto it soon.

  • Eddie Lee

    You should add and Spotify to these. is #db1302

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  • Shannon Young

    You might also want to consider Zerply, an upcoming alternative to LinkedIn

  • Jong

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for! How about Yelp?

  • Galen Gidman

    Nice roundup Nick! I actually created an entire website for this very thing —

    • Amelie Ju-on

      Great list and nice presentation, Galen! I’m doing a set of one-color social media icons and this was JUST what I needed. I’d love to see sources/additional colors added in the future too :)

  • Mary Henderson

    Thanks for the quick reference guide. I was able to use these to create graphics in the links below. (Had to wing it for Blogger and RSS feed though)

    I’m a grad student working on an emerging media class. As part of a “buzz-building” assignment I decided to experiment and create social media-themed images available under a create commons license to see if it would build traffic. So far Flickr is working great, Pinterest is OK, and Reddit is fabulous if my psyche can cope with all the down votes!

    Wish I had found your site sooner…

  • Vincent

    Dribbble is
    hex #ea4c89
    rgb 235,75,136

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  • Niall Flynn

    Nice, cheers handy resource

  • Tim Nolte

    Looks like you’ve got the Google+ HEX value wrong. It should be #bb4b39.

  • Amelie Ju-on

    This is excellent! Thanks for adding sources! If you happen to find the official logo color, that’d be helpful: all their logos I’ve seen have gradients so sampling the right color is iffy.

  • Sajib Srs

    Good work.Helped me! Thanks

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  • josedvq

    There’s a list of famous brand colors at

  • Nick Broad

    Really helpful, thanks

  • Federico Simionato

    Max Sport Orange! :)

  • Federico Simionato

    You’re missing some orange!
    Max Sport Orange!

  • Hasan Zahran

    great, thanks :)

  • miggy592

    This article was very helpful